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Managed Account Services

Fund Advisors of America takes into account numerous factors when building a client portfolio. Here is a sampling of what factors are taken into consideration:

Today’s economy is infinitely more complex and volatile than ever before. As a result, the financial markets are becoming more and more unpredictable. Interest rate swings, energy booms and busts, technological advancements and changing political policies all play a role in influencing markets.

  • Individual investment goals: what the client wants to achieve is an important factor when building a portfolio. Not all investors have the same investment goals. Fund Advisors of America discusses the clients’ goals and takes these goals into consideration when building the portfolio.
  • Time horizon: the time a client will need access to funds during his lifetime. Fund Advisors of America takes into account how long a client will need his money-especially after retirement-and will invest accordingly.
  • Cash flow requirements: will a client need a monthly ‘salary’ after retirement? What money a client will need to pay bills and maintain the current lifestyle is investigated and factored in to the investing process.
  • Outside holdings and tax status: what a client owns and owes outside of what Fund Advisors of America manages can affect how the portfolio should be invested. The Fund Advisors of America Investment Advisor will help a client walk through all his holdings to make sure the portfolio built is appropriate based on all the current assets.
  • Other factors: there could be additional factors, such as family beneficiaries, endowments, etc. that must be taken into consideration when Fund Advisors of America builds a client portfolio. Fund Advisors of America seeks to understand a client’s whole financial picture in order to prudently and effectively invest for his future, based on unique goals and fiscal makeup.

Keeping It Simple

To establish a managed account with Fund Advisors of America, we first help you open an account at with the largest discount brokerage firm in the country. This can be a regular brokerage account, or any one of the many types of qualified plans (IRA, SEP-IRA, Pension, Profit-Sharing-401K, etc.).

Fund Advisors of America is committed to meeting our industry’s rigorous regulations and upholding our own stringent business standards to position long-term financial health and stability.

We believe Fund Advisors of America can help you avoid the pitfalls of investing so you can build a more secure financial future.

We’ve held investors-each with their own specific time horizons, growth objectives and income needs-work toward their investment goals. To learn more about what we can do for you, please call us at 800-438-3040. We’d be honored to discuss the possibilities.

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