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How Is Fund Advisors Different?

  • Your portfolio is constructed according to your specific needs, taking into account your investment objectives, time horizon for the assets, cash flow needs and other factors specific to you
  • You get proactive service from your own Investment Advisor who will keep you up-to-date on your portfolio
  • Your portfolio is managed by a team with over 60 years combined industry experience
  • You get a disciplined approach to your investment strategy that goes beyond just stock picking
  • You can take advantage of global investing opportunities with our significant experience investing both domestically and overseas
  • You won’t be limited to a single style of investing (like “growth” or “value”) as we can shift our strategy based on our forward-looking view of market conditions. If we forecast an upcoming bear market, we might adjust your portfolio allocation to be more market neutral with fewer stocks and more bonds, cash or other securities.
  • You’ll have competitive, transparent fees that align our interests with yours. If your portfolio does better, we both do better.

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