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Do you know how well your individual future financial needs will be met? Are individual decisions you are making today going to help or hurt your portfolio in the coming years?

Today’s economy is infinitely more complex and volatile than ever before. As a result, the financial markets are becoming more and more unpredictable. Interest rate swings, energy booms and busts, technological advancements and changing political policies all play a role in influencing markets.

Corporate America continues to expand its boundaries as we evolve towards a more global economy. The additional influences of international economies and events have contributed to the creation of an environment in which few investors have the confidence or the tools to develop a long-term investment strategy.

Investment Process

The Fund Advisors of America investment strategy is based on a top-down approach to determine the countries and sectors most likely to generate the highest expected returns.

In this effort, Fund Advisors of America seeks to both discover unique sources of information and exploit inefficiencies uncovered through unique analysis of widely available information. The Fund Advisors of America process focuses on three basic decisions. They are:

  • Country Exposure-identify which countries are most likely to outperform the benchmark
  • Economic Sector Exposure-identify the economic sectors and industries most likely to outperform the benchmark
  • Security Selection-identify the group of securities within a particular category most likely to outperform the overall category

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